Most people put off writing a Will. They don’t think about who will be beneficiaries of their estate, or even who would act as guardians to their children. Some otherwise perfectly reasonable people believe a terrible event will befall them if they make out their will.

But the simple fact is this. If you don’t make a will, you cannot guarantee what happens with your estate after you die. There could be arguments between family members that survive you, and if legal professionals are called in they can become major beneficiaries in their own right.

What we do

We come and visit you at home or work at a time to suit you, day or evening. We take the time to properly explain everything and answer your questions. You will not be rushed, or pushed into doing things you don’t understand.

We go away, and draft your will. A first draft will be sent through the post, and if you are happy we will come back with the complete will, which we help you to sign. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks, although we can be flexible and provide a quicker turnaround if necessary. We feel this thorough approach is the only way to do a will properly.

Just make the decision, talk to us, and get on with your life.