Document storage

Threre are three ways to revoke a Will:

  1. Getting married.
  2. Writing a new Will.
  3. Destruction of your old Will.

The first two are self explanatory, but the third is something that needs to be considered. Yes, it can mean intentional destruction, such as tearing the Will up, but it can also mean unintentional destruction, such as losing the Will.

Think about it. If your executors can’t find your Will, they will have to prove to the courts that you had one. If they can’t, your wishes won’t be considered.

That’s where we come in. We offer a service called the Trinity Care Plan.

For a small annual fee, we will:

  • Store your documents in our purpose built steel and concrete archive with full insurance. In the unlikely event that something were to happen to us, our professional body the Institute of Professional Willwriters would be able to access the archive, providing further reassurance as necessary.
  • Give you a file and copy will to keep at home.
  • Provide free support to your executors when it is time to administer your estate. Gaining probate on a will is not generally a complicated process, but it can be overwhelming. We are friendly, knowledgeable and available to answer any questions your executors might have at any time.
  • Offer peace of mind.

Most of our customers choose to take advantage of the Trinity Care Plan. Their executors find it very useful at what is always an extremely difficult time. We’re confident it represents exceptional value for money.