Why choose us?

There’s plenty of other people who can make your will….

It’s a big old world and there are lots of people who could write your will. However, we believe we do things a bit differently. When you book an appointment with us:-

  • John or Chris will come to your home and personally take your instruction. This is an in depth interview and we will stay as long as you need us to. We will fit in around you, so can visit in the evening or at weekends.
  • We will explain anything that’s important and answer any questions you need us to answer. We will never patronise you.
  • We will send you a draft copy of your will before you sign it. Call us and we will explain any clause in it.
  • We have clear, fixed prices. There are no surprises, and we won’t try to sell you other things. The price on our price list is the price you will pay.
  • We will come back and personally deliver your finished documents. A will that hasn’t been signed can be worse than no will at all. We hand-deliver your will and supervise its attestation.

We are confident we offer the best value for a willwriting service with our level of service. People are happy after they have seen us. Get in touch online or call us on 01635 298999 to find out why!