We are a family business

How we began

My father John started the business in 2000. He had been working for a large financial services company as a financial adviser and was so unimpressed by the standard of "professional" will writers he thought he could do better.

I joined the company full-time in 2005 as our reputation spread. At this point, we had a choice.

Keep small, or grow the business?

Many of our contemporaries took on agents, but our feeling has always been that we couldn't grow the business yet still provide a personal service. So we made the decision to keep small. Either myself or my father have personally taken the Will instruction for every Will we've written. Many larger Will writing firms have come and gone since then, but our work has paid off! More than 85% of our new clients come from personal recommendation from existing clients.

The future

2020 saw unprecedented demand to our services and like everyone else we have had to quickly adapt to a different method of working. John is still active in the business although he has stepped back from running things on a day-to-day basis. My partner Gwin commenced her IPW training this year to make sure we could keep up with demand. We intend to keep providing our service for many years to come.