Solicitors vs Willwriters – a reply

We don’t think it’s professional to comment on what other companies are doing, but we saw this post from a solicitor in Basingstoke and felt we wanted to address some of the points it makes.
The Panorama programme they talk about is probably available on YouTube if you search around. It shows some terrible practice from a couple of rogue traders. What it doesn’t do is say that not all Willwriters are created equal.
Trinity Will Writers are members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters. Members are required to follow the IPW’s code of conduct. This states that all members must be competent to provide the services that they offer, and enforce a strict training reigime. It also requires all members to have appropriate insurance in case of mistakes, and that provisions are made to enable access to our archive (a climate controlled steel and concrete vault in the centre of Reading) were something to happen to us.
The IPW are a code sponsor of the Trading Standards Institute. We are a real industry, offering first class services to our clients. Companies that fraudulently claim to be IPW members can and do face heavy fines.
We are not solicitors. We are specialists at one job, which we do very well. People come to us rather than solicitors because they like us. We aren’t patronising or overbearing, which is something a lot of our clients claimed the solicitors that dealt with them before were. We offer free advice – no hourly rates here. We don’t sell products or services that aren’t on our price list.
We have written thousands of wills for people in Basingstoke and beyond, and have more than 15 years experience. Get in touch with us today, and find out why!